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Metallica Concert Review. Part 2

Olga Markova, photographer:

- I'm a wild fan of Metallica! I fell in love with their music while still a schoolgirl. Twice I was at concerts: in Moscow and in Los Angeles.

A quick update:
Now you can search reviews and feedbacks about shows and concerts on website. The guys are pretty new, but already have nice features and informative pages. I love browsing pictures and scrolling through fans' comments. I think the website brings nice value to fans of Metallica, you can read their reviews here.

Now back to my wild impressions.
The concert in Los Angeles gathered spontaneously, simply because at that time she was in the "city of angels". And tickets were not, but I still got. Fate! The concert was held in West Hollywood in a small for the "Metallica", we can say, the chamber hall, only a thousand for four spectators. I then experienced a terrible delight!

I did not have a ticket, because at the box office everything was sold out, and the Californian second-hand dealers broke prices from 300 to 1800 dollars! I, of course, a fan, but I did not have the extra three hundred bucks. I hoped that after the concert start, second-hand dealers would start skipping tickets cheaply, but that was not the case: they had all been sold out! In frustration, I decided to go around the building and on the move drew attention to some activity near the service entrance. Eventually! Agreed! For $ 200 I was discharged a badge and led to the hall right through the stage! And there I was alone, and I caught Kirk Hammett's mediator!

Before that I was at their concert in Moscow, which took place at the stadium, where about 70 thousand people came. And really nothing was visible.


  1. yes, it was great! pretty long time ago btw. But still i got my photos and vids that remind be about good times

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